About Us

E-Z Trac was the brainchild of Dennis Bringuet. Dennis has been in the commercial sign business for 30 years. During his tenure in the industry, he noticed that many changeable letter - readerboard users had similar problems. Letters often times fell during the installation /removal process and broke. The suction cup installation tool had inherent problems that resulted in broken letters and sign rails. Letters would also be blown out of the sign. Letters would become dislodged and slide behind the sign rails changing the message. During the winter letters would freeze to the sign which added it's own special set of problems. The sign rails collected dirt which tarnished the image of the companies. The results were broken letters and sign rails that added expense, and messages on the signs that did not portray the correct message.     

Determined to find a solution to all the problems, Dennis invented and patented E-Z Trac which solved all the problems. Since it's introduction E-Z Trac has taken the industry by storm and is fast becoming the industry standard for changeable letter signs.

E-Z Trac changeable letter system

  • The key to E-Z Trac is the revolutionary whole line letterholder

  • Each E-Z Trac letterholder holds one entire line of letters

  • The E-Z Trac letterholder fits most existing changeable letter sign rails

  • E-Z Trac letters and graphic panels are conveniently placed in the E-Z Trac letterholder

  • Each E-Z Trac letterholder is then raised to the sign, one line at a time

  • The E-Z Trac letterholder is raised with a specialty designed installation tool

  • The E-Z Trac installation tool with its extension arm easily reaches 12 feet

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